My Other Sleds

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1971 Moto Ski Mini Sno

This 1971 Moto-Ski Mini Sno was a spur of the moment purchase one winter.
I saw it and I just could not go home without it. It has the JLO single it it, and runs and drives nice.

1978 John Deere Spitfire

This John Deere Spitfire is 1 of 2 Spitfires that I bought the spring of 1999 while on a run picking up Vikings.
I bought them about 20 miles south east of Superior, Wisconsin. This sled is as nice as it looks.
In the picture it is on display at a John Deere Dealership in Casselton, ND for the 1999 Holiday Season.
Click on the picture for more information.

1995 Polaris XCR 600

This is my 1995 XCR 600. I bought this sled when it was just 1 year old.
It is piped, clutched, and yes even in Minnesota, it is STUDDED.

1996 XCR 600

This is my 1996 XCR 600. I bought this sled from my friend Travis the winter of 2001-02.
This sled rides WAY smoother than the 1995. The 1995 will kick its ass, but not by much.

1985 Yamaha Phazer

Here is a photo of my 1985 Yamaha Phazer. This is a very reliable sled. I rebuilt this sled when I bought it, including a new engine block and crankshaft.
It has been ridden many miles, and it even went to the bottom of a lake.
Yes rebuilt it again.....................