Viking Racing

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Single Cylinder Racing

Pictured is a 340cc Sach`s.Single. This model was built only in 1972 and based on the Vigilante SS chassis.
This sled was a production single cylinder sled, but was mostly used for racing. The sled could give any twin cylinder
340cc a run for its money. The engine used in this machine was the Model 340SS Sachs. There were a few built using the Sach 340C,
but not near as many as the 340SS Versions. The sleds were 15 inch wide Para-Rail suspension sleds with the Sachs Tuned Pipe,
and had a 5 gallon fuel tank. The sled pictured belongs to Steve Thompson and is shown in Royal Blue.

Vigilante 440 SS Free Air

The Vigilante SS Free Air sleds were built only in 1972, and were used mostly as a race sled. The sled featured a K-4402SS Kohler Free Air.
The engine was first built for Mercury and Speedway for thier race models, but the popularity and demand for speed in the racing world
helped the engine find its way to the rest of the market. The sleds were 15 inch wide Para-Rail suspension sleds, the exhaust was
a "Twin Can" Donaldson (Sometimes called "Beer Can Exhaust") tuned for the engine, and had a 5 gallon fuel tank. The sled is shown here in Viking Purple,
and is owned by Brutanza Tom.

1971-1972 Viking Vanquisher

The Viking Vanquisher was designed and built only for racing. The owners manual stated "This warranty does not apply to
VANQUISHER models of VIKING snowmobiles as they are specifically intended for racing purposes." They had an 18 inch wide track. In 1971 all
Vanquishers were boggie wheel sleds, and 1972 models had the Para-Rail rear suspensions. All had Tachometer-Speedometer, but not all Vanquishers came
with temp guages, some did. Most that had them were dealer installed. They had a Twin Cylinder 650 Hirth, Model 172R41 (Red Baron) engine.
None had a recoil start. The exhaust was two expansion chambers that exited the belly pan just in front of the stirrups for the drivers feet. One on each side.
The Red Baron was a trouble some engine, and the last of the "Production Run or Build" had the Kohler K4402SS engines in them. They were just a memory
after the 1972 model year. The sled pictured here is a 1972, shown in Peacock and belongs to Allen Carlsrud.