Quizet Results

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Back in 1999 when I first started the site, and Quizlet were popular, I had some Quizlets on my site.
Posted here are are some of the results. I wonder what the results would be today.
Note the age of the riders question. I wonder if the younger age group is still as strong?

The first question was "Which Viking color is your favorite?"
(of 434 respondents)
9% Flame Red
11% Kelly Green
30% Peacock
8% Royal Blue
7% Black Fox
35% Viking Purple

It was an intresting race. For awhile the Viking Purple was looking like it was going to win by a land slide.
There was then a sudden burst of intrest in Peacock, which put it ahead for awhile.
But again a surge of voters put the Viking Purple in the lead again.
It remained close right to the end.

I myself like the Kelly Green

The question "What model Viking is your favorite?"

Out of 166 votes the results are

20% Vigilante
34% Vigilante SS
7% Vagabond
5% Vanguard
11% Vanguard SS
22% Vanquisher

The question "When did you start riding?"

Out of 570 respondents.

2% I Don`t Ride
21% 1965-1970
23% 1970-1975
18% 1975-1985
15% 1985-1995
21% 1995-2000

This contest was the most fun to watch. I see by the years everyone started riding,
the age of my Web Site visitors were spread pretty evenly.