In Loving Memory

This site is placed here in memory of my parents. They left us some time ago now,
though it seems like only yesturday. Some day, we will join them.
Until then, we will just have to cherish their memory.


The photo above was taken less than 2 months before Dad passed away on Feb 11, 1988.
The photo below is the last photo taken of us all together in Dec. 1977.

The following poem was written by a friend of mine from Hitterdal, MN.

" Friends "

Everyone needs a friend,
Someone to just be there,
A person to really confide in
And know how much you care.
To keep you with your troubles
And push away your fears,
To comfort you in your sorrows
And wipe away the tears.
Someone to lend a shoulder
When you are feeling down,
Or bring a ray of happiness
To erase that grumpy frown.
Yes, even you will need a friend.
That is plain to see,
And when that moment of need comes
Let that friend be me.

-By Derek Lundberg

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