Vintage Photo`s

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Vintage Viking`s in their Prime

The picture above right, has Tammy Balvik (Carlsrud) at the controls, and sister Cindy Balvik (Koskela) along for the ride.
Notice their on the 440.

The picture above left, has their mother Bonnie, and sister-inlaw Gerry Balvik with her.
Looks to me like their getting ready for another ride across the county, maybe off to Halstad to Wayne`s?.

It`s a pretty sight

You have to admit, there is nothing prettier than the old iron in it`s prime.
This must have been a day when most of the Balvik`s were together for a day of riding. God it was fun riding with them.

I don`t know to this day what Ernie liked better, the hills to climb, or the water for a swim.
We fished his sled out of the river more then a few times !!!

1971 Vagabond

This is my friend Aaron Berg and his sister, out for a ride on Grandpa`s Viking Vagabond.
Their Grandpa bought this sled new, and it is still in the family. They still ride this sled every winter.