The Red Baron's Spitfire

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I bought the sled the spring of 1999 from a guy 20 miles southeast of Superior Wisc. He and his father bought it for there collection.
He collects all brands. Well anyway his father passed and he was selling some of the sleds they had bought.

From what I was told they bought it from a family by Solon Springs, WI. The sled was registered in a older ladys name.I still have the registration papers for it.
The license expired that summer on it. When I brought it home it did not want to run on the carb, just on priming. So I cleaned the carb., there was a ball of
fur in the needle valve. There was no fuel filter on it. When I put the carb. back on I put on a fuel filter and new fuel line, and the sled started on just a few pulls.
It really runs nice. The windshield was broken, and the seat was cracked. My friend Dave found me a new JD seat cover and Windshield. We put them on and
cleaned the sled and it looks like a new one. The sled does not have a speedometer on it. It does look to be really low miles though. The ladys name that had
it was Gertrude, so I think she never rode much. Did not sound like they had any kids either. It is shown here in Casselton at the dealership on display for the
1999 Holiday season.