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Vigilante 300

The Vigilante 300. This was by far the most popular sled that Viking made.
This was the base line model for Viking, and is still common to be seen riding where ever Viking`s were popular.
The Vigilante 300 model was offered 1972-1975.
The sled pictured is in the Viking Black Fox.

The Vigilante

The Viking Vigilante. This model was offered with either a 340 or 440 Kohler.
This sled was popular with the young and old alike. It was a light weight twin that was fun to ride.
All Vigilante models had 15 inch wide tracks and a 5 gallon gas tank.
The Vigilante model was offered 1972-1975.
The sled shown is in the Viking Royal Blue.

The Vigilante SS

The Vigilante SS was a model for the serious rider.
This sled featured the Para Rail rear suspension, and an 8 gallon gas tank. ( 1972 SS Models had a 5 gallon tank )
The sled was offered in either fan cooled or free air. All Vigilante SS models had a 15 inch wide track and were offered 1972-1975.
The sled pictured is in the Viking Deep Gold..