History of the Great Fire of 1996          





The Photos and information here, was obtained from the Norman County East Web Site.

In the cold of a December 26th evening, a fire broke out in the upper portion of the older section of Norman County East High School. The fire, which was presumably caused by electrical wiring, was thought to have burned unchecked for at least two hours before firemen were called to the scene.

Although the entire building was considered a loss, the west part of the structure was totally destroyed. The third floor level collapsed onto the second floor before both floors eventually dropped into the basement. The computer room was destroyed by smoke, water, and flames. Many other rooms were completely destroyed while others were spared the devastation of the flames. However, these rooms were still condemned due to smoke and water damage.

Fortunately, many records were saved from Mr. Lund's office, as well as Kathy Varty's office. Some teachers were fortunate enough to retrieve a few items from their rooms on the East side of the building. However, not many items were of much value after the smoke and water had damaged them. It was estimated that the fire caused over two milion dollars in losses and damage.


More pictures of fire damage